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One of the most powerful barriers to success is the fear of change. Many people fear change because they believe change requires giving up something they value.

A more effective way to look at a change is to view it as "adding to" what you already have.


If you want to catch more fish, concentrate on the area where the fish are biting! In other words, if you want to make more money, concentrate on the area that pays the most commission with the least fees.

Paying Desk Fees?
That term sounds antiquated. Do agents actually need desk space today? In many cases, you may be overpaying for things that you are not even using.

Let's face it…the real estate industry is changing!!  We have been running full steam on yesterday's engine.

We are in an incredible time of transition in the real estate industry. We need to quit what doesn't work and reinvent things that do.  REMEMBER, your office on Main Street has been replaced with the one on the web.

You have every right to look at the NEW concept for the real estate industry.  According to a recent survey, 1 out of 4 real estate professionals are now working with a 100% Commission company.

In most traditional companies, you are paying a Transaction Fee plus a large percentage of your commission.  We offer full Broker support, CE and continual training.

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